Helping Customers with ebooks – one example

February 20, 2011
Posted in: Board Member Posts, Buzz

I find it interesting to see how individual libraries deal with the growing number of ebooks, ebook readers, digital content … and patrons that bring in a wide variety of ebook readers, expecting help (and expecting to download ebooks).

Here’s how Rapid City Public Library has dealt with it – by creating a website explaining what ebooks are, and what they provide their patrons.

Their ebook guide covers:

  • how to download ebooks (I love their “Five Steps to Start eReading” list)
  • individual ebook readers (with videos showing how to download books from their library on some of the pages)
  • an FAQ with more explanation if needed
  • an ebooks blog that highlights new titles, etc.

Nice job, Rapid City Public Library! So – how does your library help customers with ebooks? Let us know!

photo by GoXunuReviews

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