Library Renewal: Brochure and Song Debut

July 8, 2011
Posted in: Events, News, Support

The debut of the first video from Library Renewal also features our first brochure/zine as well as the debut of the first song made for Library Renewal. Song for Library Renewal? Sure! We’re about electronic content access so we had to have a song (or two…a second original song is coming soon). Plus, you know, it has a flute solo. How can you go wrong with a flute solo??

Here are some still images of pages from the zine. There are more found on our flickr page too:
Library Renewal Brochure Page Draft

PS #1:The song is performed by Portland band, Lackethereof and we are very grateful for their support and contribution. Thanks, Danny!

PS #2: We fixed the typo! Thanks for catching it! 🙂

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