Get a custom video camera for you and your library!

March 5, 2012
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Pretty spiffy looking, eh? We’re glad you like them because we got them for you to use. Really! Surprise! How can you get one? Read on…

Do you and your library struggle to get popular electronic content to your patrons? Do you have the ebooks, emusic or streaming video your patrons want? Is it reasonably affordable? Would you answer that question “Sure! Well, errrr, well, sort of.”? Would you like the quality and quantity of econtent people could get through your library to improve? We’d like you to tell us (and the rest of the world) about that in video form. Using your new camera!

To get your camera here’s what you need to do:
First need you to send us your video idea/plan and a promise that if we send you a camera you’ll actually shoot the video (that part is really important!). If you get a camera we’ll need you to send your finished video to us with your blessing to share it online (via our YouTube, Twitter, facebook accounts and newsletter).

This is a unique and creative way get your library’s econtent story out there and inform lots of people about issues around libraries and electronic content in the process. And we mentioned that you get to keep a really nice, brand new video camera in the process, right? 🙂 So share your hopes, dreams and plans for econtent in your library with us. Be bold! Brave! Shout it out! Just use one of these spiffy cameras to record your bold, brave shouting (or whatever is more your style).

Send your plans to us via this form. Please inlclude the title “VIDEO PLAN” in your message.

Dig more pics here of tweaked out custom cameras you and your library can get.

Five participants will be selected to receive cameras from us to be used to create videos about libraries and ebooks/econtent that will be shared through various Library Renewal channels online. Camera recipients will be selected at the discretion of Library Renewal and it’s Board in consultation with our Partner Libraries.
Camera recipients agree to send Library Renewal their video within four months of receipt of camera. Each camera is a Flip video camera with 8 GB of memory for two hours of HD recording.

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