Roundups from PLA plus Local Media Coverage: Libraries and E-Content News

March 23, 2012
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In its coverage of the PLA conference, The Digital Shift focused on how some e-book and ILS providers are working on removing friction from e-book lending. Several vendors displayed different prototypes that streamlined the lending process. Vendors also learned that OverDrive is working on APIs that “result in both catalog discovery and single sign-on for the patron.” At the same time, ILS vendors are working on their own interfaces that integrate electronic holdings into the catalog.

Meanwhile, American Libraries provides a succinct overview of two sessions at PLA, including one on access to electronic content. The first full day of sessions started with a panel on “Getting E-Content to Your Customers.” The panel, comprised of members of the library and publishing communities (including Library Renewal’s CEO Michael Porter), discussed different ways libraries can work toward ensuring access to electronic content for their customers. Solutions included protesting and boycotting, as well as creating partnerships with other libraries and building relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Also at PLA, members of the ALA Digital Content and Libraries Working Group met with e-book distributors. American Libraries provides a summary from ALA President Molly Raphael on this meeting. Raphael notes that she is encouraged by meetings ALA is having with publishers and that these talks are a necessary step before any action can be taken.

Consumers and local news outlets are starting to notice that many e-books are not available at local libraries, as pointed out in this article on Digital Book World. News outlets from Nashville, Philadelphia and San Francisco have all posted stories regarding access to e-books through libraries in the last week.

Finally, a video from the Association of American Publishers annual meeting, where librarians make their case for e-books in libraries.

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