Petition for E-Books and Libraries, Microsoft and B&N Join Forces, and More: Your Weekly Libraries and E-Content News Summary

May 4, 2012
Posted in: News

This week, with Library Renewal acting as one of their partners, the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library has created a website, ebooks for libraries, to raise awareness and help convince publishers to make e-books more available to libraries. The site contains a petition that those involved are hoping can collect at least 10,000 signatures. Once that goal is achieved, ebooks for libraries will snail mail the petition to the Big Six publishers in order to encourage them to make their e-books accessible to libraries to purchase rights to circulate. Again, Library Renewal has partnered with the TSCPL to spread the word about the effort and we ask that you join in that effort and share the link and petition with your friends and loved ones. More information about the project can be found on the ebooks for libraries website and in this article from The Digital Shift.

In a statement released Monday, Microsoft announced that it is investing $300 million in Barnes & Noble’s e-reading arm. The companies stated that they would “build upon the history of strong innovation in digital reading technologies from both companies” and “will accelerate the transition to e-reading.” This new venture will include both the e-reading division of Barnes & Noble and their college bookstores. The Wall Street Journal elaborates on possible opportunities created by this new company.

PBS MediaShift shared a piece on the role of libraries in the age of e-books. The article explains the current e-book access hurdles that libraries face, but also discusses the digital divide that exists regarding the use of e-books and how libraries enrich the lives of many in their communities by helping them understand and navigate new technology.

At the recent ALA executive board meeting in April, the board reaffirmed their support for e-book advocacy and will be intensifying their efforts in regard to increasing libraries’ access to e-books. Included in a statement released by ALA President Molly Raphael is a recognition that the board needs to expand their efforts in e-book advocacy, which includes reaching out to media and raising awareness with the general public.

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Contributing Editor Lindsay Barber writes our weekly e-content news posts along with contributions from the Library Renewal Editorial Team (incl. Colin Wilkins, Matt Weaver and Michael Porter).

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