Library Renewal Partner Libraries:
We are currently looking for a select group of highly motivated libraries to work with as we create new electronic content access solutions. this is a journey of many steps, but behind the scenes we also have some pretty interesting things happening. Yet we know that for these solutions to work, we must form partnerships with outside industries and experts…like you and your library. If you work for a library that is committed to creating a vibrant, thriving electronic content access future for libraries and our patrons, we want to work with you. We have a lot cooking behind the scenes and have solid plans that are moving forward every day. If you believe Library Renewal’s work is aligned with your library or organization, consider join with us on this journey and reach out. We hope to hear from you soon!

Speaking and Writing:
Library Renewal has a team that includes some of the most accomplished and well respected speakers and authors in the library industry. And we’re ready to write or speak about electronic content issues for you and your organization or event. Drop us a line and invite us to speak or write about Library Renewal for your organization, publication or event … yet another easy ways to be informed, engaged and a part of Library Renewal.

You can now donate directly to Library Renewal. We even have some lovely rewards to offer as a thank you for your donations. Check out the Library Renewal Donation Center/Store here. Your donations support our coding work, outreach effort, research and travel to conferences and meetings.

If you happen to be especially excited about libraries finally having a new way to solve the problem of electronic content access for their communities and want to be much more involved, consider becoming what we’re calling a Library Renewal “Advocate.” Advocates will have access to behind-the-scenes support and community tools that help them much more easily write and present locally and regionally about the needs facing libraries in relation to electronic content access. Being a Library Renewal Advocate requires extra commitment, but also comes with unique rewards (special gifts and events even) as well as a powerful sense of accomplishment as you have a direct hand in creating Library Renewal in your local area and region. This is the most exciting time ever to work in, for and with libraries, and being a Library Renewal Advocate puts you in the middle of this excitement … and progress!

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