Library Renewal launches new site and initiatives focused on electronic content access for libraries.

Dec 31st, 2010 sees the release of a new home for Library Renewal at The Library Renewal web site explains the organization and its efforts, and also serves as a centralized location for community organization, outreach and communication.

The work Library Renewal is engaged in falls into three main categories including:

1. Research
Library Renewal conducts research, produces writing and creates a variety of resources and presentations that explain and point toward new, effective solutions related to libraries and electronic content access.

2. Relationships
Library Renewal forges critical relationships via a formal outreach program to key individuals and institutions working on legal, technological, and industry specific issues related to electronic content access.

3. Grassroots Community Action
Library Renewal is building an organized grassroots movement designed to support the development of an effective electronic content access and distribution infrastructure that gets econtent to library users – when they want it, in the formats they want it … though libraries. As stated on the site: “You’ve finally found the place where YOU can join in and share your thoughts, ideas and desire to help ensure libraries can effectively offer electronic content now … and in the decades to come.”

In the first half of 2011 Library Renewal will be expanding their outreach operations and hosting and sponsoring several events and resources, including:

  • Phase II and III of the expanded web site and organization, both carefully designed to launch new features and services aligned with the timing of Library Renewal’s outreach and business plans.
  • The Library Renewal blog – featuring news, research, insights and formal announcements from the organization, all focused on finding effective electronic content access solutions for libraries and library users.
  • The first live web event from Library Renewal featuring, among others, David Lee King, Eli Neiburger, Jason Griffey and Michael Porter.
  • A series of podcasts with key players from a wide variety of industries and professions, discussing key issues related to libraries and electronic content access.
  • A series of videos about libraries and electronic content access.
  • A series of unique, top quality, hand made, custom printed art posters to give to donors and supporters.
  • A private section for “Library Renewal Advocates” – local/regionally focused individuals and groups interested in getting the word out about Library Renewal and electronic content access in libraries.
  • A collection of shareable resources, such as webbliographies and book lists, and ways to contact key players/organizations.

To learn more about Library Renewal, visit their new web site at Press, partners and those interested in collaborating and working with Library Renewal are invited to email inquires to

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