Beginning in 2011, Library Renewal will host a series of online web events that share research, perspectives, special guests and ways you can help ensure libraries remain vibrant as content consumption moves towards electronic methods.

Library Renewal also has a team that includes some of the most accomplished and well-respected speakers and authors in the library industry. And we’re ready to write or speak about electronic content issues for you and your organization or event. Drop us a line and invite us to speak or write about Library Renewal for your organization, publication or event.

Library Renewal will be conducting formal research as part of our organizational efforts. Our research initiatives are being designed to ensure that the work we do is based on fact. Our research will focus on collecting and analyzing data in ways that help chart a course for library renewal and electronic content access solutions that work – both in the short term and in the decades to come.

We plan to share this research with individuals and organizations alike, and we’ll use it to raise awareness and support for libraries and a new electronic content access and distribution infrastructure.

As we grow, Library Renewal will share writings via this web site, on the Library Renewal blog and in a variety of publications. This writing, while less formal than our research work, will facilitate conversation, engagement, and awareness of the issues that Library Renewal was designed to address.

Library Renewal will be creating and seeking out unique multimedia content that helps accomplish our goals, too. We see multimedia as a great way to encourage thought, participation, sharing, teaching and outreach, and we’re excited to contribute to, participate in, and communicate via multimedia.

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Library Renewal: Brochure and Song Debut

July 8, 2011
Posted in: Events, News, Support

The debut of the first video from Library Renewal also features our first brochure/zine as well as the debut of the first song made for Library Renewal. Song for Library Renewal? Sure! We’re about electronic content access so we had to have a song (or two…a second original song is coming soon). Plus, you know, it has a flute solo. How can you go wrong with a flute solo??

Here are some still images of pages from the zine. There are more found on our flickr page too:
Library Renewal Brochure Page Draft

PS #1:The song is performed by Portland band, Lackethereof and we are very grateful for their support and contribution. Thanks, Danny!

PS #2: We fixed the typo! Thanks for catching it! 🙂

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Archive of Library Renewal Discussion on “T is for Training”

June 17, 2011
Posted in: Board Member Posts, Events, News, Uncategorized

Listen to this audio archive from this morning and get some updates and commentary about Library Renewal, electronic content access and the future of libraries, a few previously unannounced plans and projects we have in the works and get some opinion on libraries, vendors, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, OverDrive, Publishers and Publishing and, well, a LOT of things. Link to archive is here.

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Upcoming Event in March!

December 27, 2010
Posted in: Events

Look for an online event from Library Renewal in March 2011!

We plan to host a live web event in March 2011 that focuses on the issues surrounding getting electronic content to our library customers, and ways to help Library Renewal move forward towards solving those issues.

Stay tuned – more to come!

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