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The easiest way to get involved with Library Renewal is to sign up for our email list using the form below. Regularly visiting will also help keep you informed. You can join us on twitter via @libraryrenewal, you can also “Like” us and join in a conversation on Facebook. We also hope you’ll subscribe to, read and leave thoughts and comments on The Library Renewal Blog as well. Of course, in addition to this, you can email us with ideas you have for joining in and creating Library Renewal with us.

We are also now looking to develop more formal working relationships with a core group of committed libraries. More details on that work can be found here.

Another unique way you can get involved by helping us inform folks via our writing and speaking services. We have an amazing team of experts here and several folks involved also happen to be some of the most accomplished and well-respected speakers and authors in the library industry. We’re ready to write or speak about electronic content issues for you and your organization or event.

Whether you would like to talk to us about speaking or writing opportunities, donations or partnership, or simply have a comment or question, drop us a line here.

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Become an Advocate

The Advocates Program is coming very soon now and is especially exciting because it will have a slew of practical, useable features and tools, all designed to get people started doing real, results oriented work on the kinds of solutions libraries *really* need when it comes to electronic content access. We’ll have specific tasks people can work on right off the bat and will also periodically be soliciting people with specific skills who might be interested in becoming an Advocate. People are itching to substantially contribute to solving the challenges electronic content access poses to libraries and finally there there is going to be program to organize our work together and get maximum value from our efforts toward renewal. Watch for more announcements about the Library Renewal Advocates program soon!

Being a Library Renewal Advocate requires extra commitment, but also comes with unique rewards (special gifts and events) as well as a powerful sense of accomplishment – you’ll have a direct hand in creating Library Renewal in your local area and region. This is the most exciting time ever to work with libraries. Being a Library Renewal Advocate puts you in the middle of this excitement … and progress!

To sign up, drop us a line indicating you are interested in being a Library Renewal Advocate. We’ll be in touch in short order, but to help things along we’d like to get to know you a bit. To help with that, please include some background information, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in being a bigger part of Library Renewal.

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